Open Shed has stopped accepting new rentals and will be closing down on 31 Mar 2018


Do you sometimes feel guilty about the amount of stuff you have bought that just doesn’t get good usage throughout the year?

Are there things you own that get a lot of usage when on holidays yet sit idle for the rest of the time?

Have you ever wanted to try something or really needed something for a short time but couldn’t justify the cost of buying it and/or have room to store it?

Then Open Shed is for you!

Lisa Fox and Duncan Stewart stumbled across the idea of collaborative consumption in Dec 2010 after seeing an inspiring talk: The case for collaborative consumption. For Lisa and Duncan, the message of sharing what we own with others in our local community really struck a chord. So much so, they quit their good jobs, gave up their inner city apartment and began saving and house-sitting around Australia to bring you what is now Open Shed – a place where you can rent, use and return all kinds of helpful and wonderful stuff from people just like you!

Open Shed (or “the travelling start-up” as it is sometimes called) is Lisa and Duncan’s own personal contribution to reducing waste and excess, and promoting a positive message about consumerism and consumption.

The Open Shed message is simple:

We CAN make use of the latest gadgets, still have exciting life experiences and de-clutter our lives at the same time through sharing what we have with other people. We CAN make a difference through being smart about our consumption.

What began as an idea that touched two people is now their very own ethical, environmental, practical and super fun start-up. Built to be a sustainable business, Open Shed only take a small percentage of each successful rental transaction so as to cover costs associated with building, running and maintaining the site. And as passionate supporters of this growing movement, Lisa and Duncan actively seek opportunities to get the word out about other collaborative consumption ideas, sustainable businesses and ways to help the community continue to grow through sharing.

Thanks for your support!

Lisa and Duncan – the Open Shed team

To find out more about how Open Shed came into being, check out our blog.

To join the collaborative consumption revolution and take a mosey through the Open Shed, click here.

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