Open Shed has stopped accepting new rentals and will be closing down on 31 Mar 2018

Trust & Safety

We understand that renting your valuable items to people you don’t know can be daunting.

Open Shed’s number one priority is to provide a safe and easy way for our community to rent each other’s stuff with confidence. We have designed policies, features, safeguards and a culture which promotes positive interactions amongst our members as much as humanly possible.

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you via via

Item Damage Guarantee

It is our goal to tackle the barriers preventing people from sharing more often. That is why we created the item damage guarantee. The renter is responsible for the first 20% of costs enforced through a bond, we cover the rest up to $1000. So if you are worried about item damage, don’t be, we’ve got you covered. Read more about it in this blog post and in our Terms & Conditions.

Item Hire Contract

The most important feature Open Shed provides to protect both parties is the Item Hire Contract. It creates a legally binding contract between the Owner and Renter during a rental. If the safety features listed below do not prevent a dispute from occurring, this contract will form the basis of any legal recourse.

Secure payment handling – including a bond

A core safety feature of Open Shed is simply the way we handle money all the way from booking to completion of the rental. It happens like this:

  1. When an Owner receives a request for a booking, they can be assured that money has already been authorised by PayPal. For a Renter to book an item they must hold a PayPal account in good standing and have complied with PayPal’s policies on Proof of identity.
  2. The next important step is confirmation of pickup. This occurs when the Renter provides the Owner with a code when picking up the item. By verifying this pickup code in our system (website or mobile), the Owner can be sure the rental amount has been transferred and a record of pickup has been recorded.
  3. Now both parties have confirmed pickup of the item, the Owner has complete control over the bond. At the completion of the rental, the Owner only needs to log into Open Shed and specify whether any bond is to be claimed.

Member profiles

Member profiles can be a very effective way to create trust between members, but only if you fill them out properly! Just ask yourself, what would you like to know about about someone before you rented to them? We recommend that you include:

  1. an actual photo of you,
  2. a short introduction about yourself, and
  3. links to your online presence (e.g. blog, twitter, or ebay feedback)

Member feedback

As you become a regular Owner and/or Renter on Open Shed you should collect lots of positive feedback. This will be displayed on both your listings and your profile. But until you have built up that trust in our system, make sure you pay particular attention to your profile and link to any external feedback you may have received, such as your eBay feedback page.

Private messaging

We provide the ability to communicate via private messaging directly on Open Shed. This way you do not need to give out any personal details such as your phone number or email address until you are more comfortable doing so. Once an official rental request has been made you can have more confidence (see Secure payment handling above).

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